The Author

            Having spent most of her life in her hometown, Lynn nevertheless has spread her wings in a number of ways. Though now a professor emerita, Dr. Robinson has enjoyed academia as a professor of marketing and international business, as a department chairwoman, and as director of an MBA program.  She’s enjoyed the world of business as a management consultant for small companies to very large international corporations, including hospitals and senior care organizations.  She’s been active in numerous non-profit organizations, serving on the board of directors of many of them.

           And, Lynn has found the courage to speak out about topics sometimes ridiculed and often misunderstood.  In 1994, her book Coming Out of Your Psychic Closet, How to Unlock Your Naturally Intuitive Self was published.  Much of the stimulus for that book came from some of the creativity work she had done with university students and with business executives.  It also came from recognizing many remarkably unusual events that had occurred in her own life.

           Because Lynn had the courage to publish that book, she began meeting others in a wide array of industries and professions who shared her willingness to embrace the possible.

In the USA and internationally, she traveled widely, attending conferences, speaking to groups, and broadening her horizons.

           Now, 24 years later, Lynn has again summoned her courage to write about a topic that can sometimes be controversial.  For her what has been plausible, healing, and uplifting may not be experienced that way by everyone.  So, in her new book, Loving to the End…and On, A Guide to the Impossibly Possible, Lynn again uses her own personal experiences interwoven with research and the experiences of others to invite readers on end-of-life journeys that offer opportunity, challenges, fun, healing, and lots of love.

Loving to the End … and On

Loving to the End … and On